What is PB-1? (Korea)

PB-1 properties make it suitable for various applications, such as piping systems for hot and cold-water distribution, automotive parts, packaging films, and adhesives. Additionally, its molecular structure allows for easy processing via extrusion, injection molding, and other techniques, contributing to its versatility in industrial and commercial applications.

What is PB-1? (Europe)

PBPSA (www.pbpsa.com) The Polybutene Piping Systems Association (PBPSA) comprises the world's largest producer of olefin-based resins and global market leaders in the manufacture of piping systems.

PB-1 Application


PB-1 Pipe system replaced PPR in few famous projects

PB-1 has replaced failed PPR system in following famous projects :
- The H Hotel, Dubai
- Atlantis Hotel, Dubai
- The Address Hotel, Dubai