These are the innovative stories of Monotech over the past 26 years.

  • 1998Developed

    Developed PB-1 production technology at laboratory in 1998
  • 2006Established

    Established Ylem Technology, and constructed PB-1 pilot plant(1,000 tons)
  • 2009Constructed

    Constructed PB-1 commercial plant (10,000 tons) Ylem Technology
  • 2014Monolith is

    Monolith is the only available and reliable PB-1/POE Licensor using commercial Ziegler-Natta catalyst in the World. (metallocene catalyst)
    Developed C4-POE manufacturing technology with Ziegler-Natta catalyst for swing production at PB-1 plant.
  • 2016Licensed

    Licensed the PB-1 production technology in China (Rida 30,000 tons)
  • 2017Developed

    Developed Advanced Clean Hydro-metallurgy Process for Nickel Ore Concentration
  • 2018Developed

    Developed Hydrometallurgical process for Spent Catalyst Treatment Technology
  • 2020Developed

    Developed super capacitor based on graphene cathode. R&D for Graphene cathode in Lithium-ion Battery which have superior rate capability & cyclability.
  • 2021Licensed

    Licensed the POE production technology in Chambroad (50,000 tons-under construction)
  • 2022Constructed

    Collaboration with KFUPM for Spent Catalyst recycling- Metal recovering technology
    Constructed Pilot plant in Korea for Spent catalyst & Black mass recycling