Recover, Reduce, Reuse,

Optimizing  Recoveries from Wasted Aluminum Dross (Landfill Grade)

Monotech’s PAC production Process from Waste Aluminum Dross(Ash)

  • Monotech’s PAC production process uses the waste Dross from Aluminum Smelter, MA’ADEN, ALBA, etc.
  • Al(OH) and Metal compound are separated form waste Dross Powder by Monolith Process, and PAC is Produced through the reaction Al(OH) & HCl.
  • Monotech process can produce PAC product more economically compared to convention process .

Dross Waste Disposal


  • Dross waste is non saleable, a big challenge to dispose in GCC causing Environment concerns
  • Lack of latest technology furnaces for dross recycling to gain better recovery of Aluminium


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